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First Time sa Lahat
by smurfiyot
Xsklusibo mula sa Panayam - www.kalibugan.org

Pasensya kng medyo script, ginawa rin nawin 2ng play nuong nsa 1styear college p aq, ung mga nka.tagalog un ang mga dinagtag q s tunay n ngyari - smurfiyot

In the year 2003 a 2nd yr. college student, a player of the basketball team of their university, a happy go lucky type of person yet kind named Jake was still committed in a relationship not with Francine but with Johanna a 4th year high school student. All is well between Jake and Johanna till one day…

At the basketball court area…

Johanna: Jake, we need to talk…
Jake: Of course, what is it about?
Johanna: It’s about us?
Jake: Why? What’s wrong about us?
Johanna: I can’t be with you anymore
Jake: what? But why? What have I done wrong?
Johanna: Nothing, you are always kind and supportive to me
Jake: so… why are you breaking up with me?
Johanna: it’s about my teacher. She’s been hearing humors bout us from the past few days and this morning she called me up to her office and confronted me if it is true about us.
Jake: then, what did you say to her?
Johanna: I told her the truth, I told everything about us.
Jake: so… what’s to be the problem?
Johanna: she threatened me that she would fail me and I won’t be able to graduate.
Jake: she told you that?
Johanna: yes. Oh Jake, I’m very confuse, I don’t know what to do anymore.
Jake: (in silence)
?-------- RING----------? the bell went off, recess time is over
Jake: will just talk about it later at lunchtime all right? You go on to your class now.
Johanna: ok

As Johanna went off to her next class, Jake stayed and started on thinking on what to do. Walking around till his buddy Rae came by that just happened to be looking for Jake…

Roy: Jake! Where the heck have you been wondering off! Its almost time for Biology, don’t tell me your cutting classes again! Your absences are already off the chart for being absent in classes so many times.
Jake: stop your whining already… hehehe… I’ll catch up with you
Roy: let’s just go together, at least I have someone with me to carry the burden of being scolded because we are already late for Biology class!
Jake: are we? Why didn’t you say it in the first place! Let’s go!

Running, trying to catch up with the class.

As they got in class. Luckily they just got in time before their teacher showed up. Saving them from being scolded…sadly, their biology teacher isn’t around cause of a fever. So the office send in a substitute.

Ma’am Tes: Good morning class… umm, miss Julie couldn’t come to see you today because she has a fever, may I know who is the president of this class?
Luna: that would be me ma’am
Ma’am: Miss Julie left you this seatwork to work on to, kindly announce it to your classmates, ok. I’ll be on my way.
Luna: yes ma’am… thank you

Miss Tes went out…

Luna: (writes on the board) kindly get your books and kindly answer pages 116 – 120… thank you

Jake and Rae finished their seatwork in just a few minutes. Then Rae asked:

Roy: what where you doing in the court walking around for?
Jake: oh… that? Just thinking
Roy: thinking bout what?
Jake: thinking on what to do, now that Johanna’s adviser knows about my relationship with Johanna.
Roy: you sure are in trouble all right.
Jake: tell me about it.
Roy: hey no worries, just break up with her… theirs a lot out their anyway hehehe…
Jake: stop kidding around already, this is serious.
Roy: All right! Just chill! Relax…
Jake: yeah… sure,

?-------RING------? it’s lunch time

Together Jake with his friends Rae, Lester, Leiton, and Abdul went to the canteen to eat lunch

Lester: hey guys, they’re serving bicol express
Libog: get out! Sure?
Lester: take a look for yourself
Libog: they do… hehehe…
Jake: let’s order it..
Asisi: its delicious cause they say its spicy
Roy: lets take that table over there, it has exactly 5 chairs.

As they were enjoying the cousine that they ordered, laughing and teasing while eating. When suddenly Johanna’s bestfriend grace approach there table.

Grace: Jake, could I have a word with you, for a sec?
Jake: sure, what is it about? And wheres Johanna?
Grace: it’s about Johanna, I came here to talk to you in her behalf.
Jake: so what it is?
Grace: she told me to tell you that your relationship with her is over.
Grace: She’s breaking up with you, and she hopes that you’ll understand her decision.
Jake: What!? Where is she? I want to talk to her in person!
Grace: she demand that you don’t ever come near her again nor call in the phone.
Jake: she said that?
Jake: alright, tell her that I understand her decision. What ever makes her happy, makes me happy.
Grace: I’m sure to tell her… so sorry Jake.
Jake: it’s alright…

The whole gang heard everything…

Jake was in sorrow and depress… even so his buddies did not left him, they egerly try to cheer Jake up.

Roy: You alright Jake?
Jake: sure, I guess
Lester: I guess you made the rigth decision on letting her go…
Libog: I think too…
Abdul: chill out Jake, it’s not like it’s the end of the world… there are a lot of women out there. Hehehe….
Roy: I agree, you’ll find a girl that will make you very happy someday.
Lester: yeah, a type of girl that can be left home, could cook, wash the dishes, and do the laundry. Hehehe…
Jake: A housemaid? hehehe…
Asisi: I got an idea? Let’s go play computer to take your head off Johanna…
ALL: Let’s go!

Ever since that day, Jake was never the same… the old Jake that used to be very jolly and has a personality of being a happy go lucky person now change to a serious and hot headed type of person… even his buddies noticed his changes. Until the last day of school…

Jake: I got accepted in the hospital where my mom is working
Roy: Lucky for you, what do you do?
Jake: I’m a porter… I deliver patients’ files
Lester: that’s cool. Maybe it’ll help you to loose off your mind of Johanna. Just kidding hehehe….
Jake: it’s all right (deep inside, his friend is right)

They all bade goodbye to one another. The year is over…

All is well in the first month of working of Jake as a porter in the hospital. But working there did not help him… in the second month of Jake’s working he easily get depress, got thin, and his performance started to go down… until one day the director called him up to his office.

Sir Baxter: Are you feeling well Jake? Seems to me that you always look depress and pale lately.
Jake: Not at all sir, I’m doing great and healthy (not)
Sir Baxter: Ok, but just to make sure I will to talk to your mother.
Jake: ok sir (why?)
Sir Baxter: you may leave now
Jake: Thank you

It did not go well when his mother and the director talked… a lot of complains about Jake’s performance. When they got home.

Mom: Jake, come here for second.
Jake: what is it mom?
Mom: Sir Baxter told me that you haven’t been very active not like before when you where still starting. Do you have a problem?
Jake: no. I just get easily tired lately.
Mom: why won’t you rest here at home and resign.
Jake: No I won’t, I can manage and besides school is coming.
Mom: ok, just do your best in working so you won’t be called up on sir Baxter’s office again.
Jake: sure

Jake continued working until he finish his contract for three months

First day of classes of being a nursing student, Jake is now in his 3rd year in college where he meet up with his buddies; Rae, Lester, Leiton, and Abdul.

Asisi: have you heard Jake?
Jake: heard what?
Libog: Johanna is gone
Jake: why? What happened?
Roy: bad, She got run over by a train..
Jake: come on, stop kidding around
Asisi: not really, she transferred to a different school.
Jake: ahh… ok, what’s that got to do with me? There are lots of women around here in the campus right?
Roy: that’s the Jake we knew! Hehehe…

Jake returned to his old self again just like he used to be. After a couple of days, Jake’s attention has been caught to this girl that he always seems to see a lot lately, but he does not know her name. One thing he knew about this girl is that his friend Rae has a sister who is her classmate. Jake always has this feeling of being pulled whenever he sees this girl, telling him to go to her. Until one day in a school program. In the middle of a performance of an entertainer Jake’s buddies left him to go to the canteen to buy some drinks… Jake standby and watch the performance. And then he once again saw this girl that has caught his attention for a long time now. After a while he saw the girl’s friends left, and saw an opportunity to get in there and talk to this girl.

(may kagandahan talaga c Francine, may pagka-chinita at pg.kchubby)

Jake: Hi, you’re a friend of Kate right?
?: yes I am, who are you?
Jake: I’m Jake, I’m a friend of Kate’s brother. What’s your name?
?: ahhh… ok, I’m Francine
Jake: What a beautiful name.
Francine: hmm…you liar hehe…
Jake: hehe…no I’m not, why did your friends left you?
Francine: I don’t know, they just left.
Jake: is that right? My friends left me behind too
Francine: you too? Hehe (showing off her phone)
Jake: umm… hey could ask for your number?
Francine: sure… here
Jake: Thanks… I’ll sure to call you up. Hehehe… just kidding

Later that night when the program was over, Jake ask Francine if he could take her home and maybe for dinner too in the way home… she said yes and together they went out. They were having a great time together, laughing teasing… went for dinner in a small food chain…and then continued walking. As they were in the middle of they’re conversations walking. It started to rain hard… they run for shelter in a tree all wet. Took about an hour before the rain stops… after that, Jake finally got Francine home. Ever since then, they were always together. Until one day in school.
Jake: hi Cine, How are you?
Francine: oh. It’s you Jake; I’m fine thanks. Come here for a sec.
Jake: I’m coming, what are doing there staring at the window?
Francine: I’m just staring at the children down there. They’re so adorable.
Jake: Let’s go make one. Hehehe…
Francine: shut up… I’m still too young for that hehehe…
Jake: hehehe… umm Cine
Francine: yes?
Jake: there is something I need to tell you
Francine: what is it? Wait… are planning another prank! If you dare, I’ll slap you so hard.
Jake: no prank hehe…
Francine: what is it then?
Jake: I want to court you but before I do that I would like to ask you if I could?
Francine: (speechless) are you sure? Are you serious? Maybe your just playing with me.
Jake: do I look like I’m kidding? Of course I’m serious with you
Francine: ok
Jake: can I?
Francine: no problem with me.
Jake: thanks hehe…

It took Jake 2 agonizing months to court Francine, until 1 day at the library.
Francine: yes
Jake: yes what?
Francine: yes
Jake: what do you mean by yes, their isn’t a book here entitled yes.
Francine: my answer to you is yes.
Jake: you mean the yes that a long for?
Francine: yes hehe…
Jake: oh yeah! (Shouting at the library like a wild animal!)
Librarian: Mr. Jake this is not a theme park! Sit down and be quiet or go out!
Jake: Sorry ma’am hehehe….
Francine: hehehe…
Jake: you don’t know how you made me so happy to know that your answer is yes.
Francine: (blushing) it’s because I love you Jake that is why I answered yes.
Jake: I love you too!
Librarian: Mr. Jake! This is your final warning! Be quiet!
Jake: sorry again… hehehe….

(s ika 2nd month nlang dlwa, nag.pasya cla magkita s isang room n wlang gumagamit, meron kc ibibigay n regalo c Jake, pag.ka.lunch break nauna c Jake s room, bago p man xa pumasok sinabihan n nya ang kanyang kaibigan n maging watcher muna… at tawagan xa agad kng may parating.. Balik tayo, sumonod c Francine mga ilang minuto ang lumipas… dun binulaga ng 3 pulang rosas ni Jake c Francine n ibig sabihin ay “I love you”… hindi n pagilan ni Francine at niyakap niya c Jake, sa katagalan ng yakapan na patingin c Jake sa labi ni Francine… ayon! Sinunggaban n nya agad… hindi n pumalag c Francine, mukhang nasiyahan din s nangyayari..( c Jake at Francine ay parehong wlang gaanong alam s paglalapan, dhil !st BF p ni Francine c Jake, at c Jake nmn ai ika 2 nya c Francine.) Halos maabotan ng isang oras cla nglalaplapan dun s kwarto… panay labi lng walang dilang kasama., hindi katagalan ai nagtigil cla dhl s sobrang DRY ng mga bibig nila… at malapit n rin matapos ang break.. b4 cla lumabas nagbigay ng smack c Francine sabay sabi “salamat ha, sa uulitin” sabay alis… Abot langit s ngiti c Jake pagkalabas nya! )

“parating ganito ang nangyayari taga monthsarry nila, s ika-3 nla eh alam n ni Jake ang gagawin nah!”

Ever since the day that Francine answered Jake. Jake had change a lot, he has been very jolly and full of motivation and inspiration. They are always together happy, laughing all the time, and teasing. They are very supportive to one another… it’s like no one can ever separate them. Until one day near the campus church.

Francine: (in tears)
Jake: why are you crying?
Francine: dad knows about us…
Jake: your dad? When did he arrive from Saudi?
Francine: he just arrived yesterday morning…(in tears)
Jake: how did your dad know about us?
Francine: He heard humors about me having a boyfriend from our neighbors. When he heard about it he confronted me if it was true… I told him yes.
Jake: what did he tell you?
Francine: He said that I’m still young to have a boyfriend, and he told me to break up with you cause he does not like you.
Jake: how come he does not like me? We haven’t even met.
Francine: my dad does not like guys… cause he all thinks of them as pigs…
Jake: but I’m not like any other guys.
Francine: I know. That is why I love you. But I’m confuse in what to do…
Jake: let me think on what to do, you just concentrate on your studies.

?-------RING------? time for class

Jake: I’ll be back later
Francine: OK

Jake went to his class and thought about on what to do.
As Jake was trying to think to do, he then remember the time when Johanna and him was still together and when he did not fought for her… Rae suddenly appeared at Jake’s back and asked?

Roy: what’s with the long face? Had a fight with Francine again? Hehe..
Jake: worse, Francine’s dad knows about our relationship and he wants us to separate.
Roy: you sure are unlucky hehehe… what do you do now?
Jake: I’ll fight for her, I won’t make the same mistake I did before
Roy: hope you know what you’re doing.
Jake: I have already thought about it, there is no turning back.

Jake anxiously waited for the time ?------------RING-----------?
Jake meets up with Francine in the canteen

Jake: hi Cene
Francine: hi… what are we to do now?
Jake: I won’t let you go that easily, it took me 2 months to win you I’m not just going to sit around and do nothing.
Francine: I’m afraid Jake
Jake: don’t worry, will just have to hide it.
Francine: I don’t want to loose you Jake.
Jake: you won’t, I’ll always be here for you. I will never leave you.
Francine: promise?
Jake: I promise
Jake: don’t worry, we can do this

(tit – tit tit – tit)

Francine: It’s dad… he wants to talk to you after class
Francine: what are we to do?
Jake: Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to him later to show to your dad that my consciences are clear.

They waited till the time
Jake escorted Francine out of the gate where Francine’s dad waited

Jake: good afternoon sir
Daddy Roger: Francine get in the car. I want to talk to him alone.
Francine: but dad
Daddy Roger: don’t be hard headed, get in the car and bring your bag with you.
Francine: yes dad
Daddy Roger: are you Jake?
Jake: Yes I am sir
Daddy Roger: Let’s take a sit
Daddy Roger: My daughter and I talked yesterday about you, then she told that she does not really love you. She was just force.
Jake: You must have been mistaken sir,
Daddy Roger: no I am not, that’s what she told me.
Jake: it’s so hard for me to believe, may I at least talk to your daughter?
Daddy Jake: I want you to stay away from my daughter, she’s too young to be committed with such relationship. But if you two are really that meant to be, then you’ll just have to wait. For now, I don’t want you coming near my daughter. Do you understand?
Jake: I understand sir…
Daddy Roger: it’s good that were clear…
Jake: Good day sir.

After that conversation. Jake can’t help but to think about what Francine’s dad told him. If it were true or just lies… he didn’t know on what to believe in… he can’t call Francine’s phone cause his afraid that her dad might pick it up and make the situation far worst. Out of frustration and anger he felt, he viciously attack the fire extinguisher box made out of metal with punches…(that’s gonna leave a mark) After throwing some punches he finally calmed.

Roy: Hey Jake! Are you out of your mind!? Do you want to be sent to the guidance councilor’s office?
Lester: you are such a hotheaded monkey! You don’t even know the truth is?
Jake: that’s the point! I don’t know the truth! I’m so confuse!
Libog: Just relax! Stay calm! Just wait for tomorrow to talk to her…
Asisi: punching that box won’t do you any good it’ll just give you a first class ticket to the guidance office bro.
Roy: let’s just go to our favorite hang out and eat… all this crap just maid me hungry.
Jake: You know. You guys are right, I should go talk to her about it.
Roy: thank you, you agreed! Can we go eat now?
Jake: Let’s go.

Tomorrow morning…

Jake might have waked up in the wrong side of the bed… after what happened yesterday… his furious! But even what happened yesterday, it did not bother him today… he look at the mirror and then smiled… and said “hope this day will end well”
Upon arrival to school, he directly went to Francine’s classroom. So anxious on seeing her and to ask questions. Once Jake showed him self near the door Francine quickly stood up and went to Jake and gave him a tight hug!

Francine: I’m so sorry about yesterday that I didn’t stood up for you, I had no choice… all I can do was cry in the car.
Jake: I understand, but what I can’t understand is that when your dad told me that you told him that you didn’t love me. Now you tell me if it’s true or not?
Francine: of course it’s not true! I love you and nothing can ever change that!
Jake: why would your dad say such things?
Francine: whom do you want to believe? My dad or me?
Jake: you tell me.
Francine: what I’m telling you is the truth.
Jake: ok I believe you, what did your dad told you yesterday about our little conversation?
Francine: he didn’t say a word bout you, he was so quiet in the car till we got home. That is why I don’t have any idea on what my dad and you talked about.
Jake: it’s that so, so you’re telling that what your dad told me yesterday was all lies and he was only making those up?
Francine: yes, hope you won’t take it against him.
Jake: no, I understand. Your dad is only protecting you. Any dad will do that for his little girl.

There were humors about Francine’s dad when he used to be young, they say that when he was still in his teenage years, he collected a lot of women for his own, played with them and made the cry. That is why he is very strict about his daughters getting committed in a relationship because he is afraid that his past might hunt him and all the sins that he did might be experience by his daughters.

But even being warned by Francine’s dad, Jake was still determined and ready to take the risk. Even Francine wants to take the risk, after talking about on what to do, the two love birds continued their relationship in secrecy. At the same day, after classes the guys went to their favorite hang out area to eat.

Roy: could you pass me the bread?
Jake: Don’t be too greedy, that’s your 5th bread already.
Roy: I just can’t help myself, it’s so delicious. It makes my mouth watery.
Jake: you’re already asking for more yet you haven’t finished up your noodles.
Lester: just give darn bread.
Jake: here take it… you want mine too?

After a few minutes of hanging around at the restaurant,

Roy: hey, let’s go to my place. There’s this CD I bought yesterday for the PS2, God of War. It’s really cool and violent.
ALL: let’s go!

As they were walking through the street, Rae can’t help but ask?

Roy: what’s up between you and Francine?
Jake: fine I guess we still continued our relationship by the way, In secrecy dough.
Lester: what if you guys get caught again?
Jake: I hope not, we’ll just have to be very careful.
Roy: and how?
Jake: limitations… no phone calls, no seeing outside the school… we can only be seeing each other in school, its much safer there.
Libog: you guys can get out of it someday…just be strong.
Lester: but just in case you guys can’t handle it. There are still a lot out there for you Jake. Hehehe…
Jake: hehe…very funny!

They continued walking till they got to Rae’s place.
Lester: finally, my feet are killing me. Could we have some snacks?
Jake: don’t you have any respect Lester? Could you bring some juices to come with the snacks? Hehehe…
Roy: yes of course my masters…

They finally decided to go home when it got dark.

They have been hiding their relationship over a few months already, hard cause they can only meet each other in school. But even for the challenge they have been facing, they’ve been so happy. There have been ups and downs but they easily fix it. Until the day before Xmas vacation.

Jake: What time would your dad pick you up?
Francine: he’ll pick me up by 4, why?
Jake: just remind me if it’s quarter to 4, so I can back off
Francine: all right, 2 weeks vacation is so long. Isn’t it?
Jake: yeah, 2 weeks
Francine: I’ll miss you Jake.
Jake: Vacation hasn’t started yet, you are already missing me? I’ll miss you too.
Francine: Promise?
Jake: I’ll bite off your ear if you’ll ask that again… no really I’ll miss you.

It’s about 3:45

Francine: Jake’ it’s 3:45 already
Jake: already? Ok… so, I’ll see next year then? Merry Xmas, take cares of your self always… love you.
Francine: you too. Love you.

When Francine was fetch by her dad, Jake couldn’t resist but to sneak to see Francine for the last time. After a few minutes, Jake text Francine


“ Hi baby, just wanted to greet you merry Xmas and a happy New Year, take care of yourself always. See you next year, Love you”

What Jake didn’t know is that when he text Francine, daddy Roger was the one that has Francine’s phone.


“ This is the father of Francine, I thought we had a talk and a deal Jake? You playing with me boy! I don’t what you getting near my daughter, do you understand? Don’t even dear to text! If ever I hear you getting my daughter I’ll beat you up! Got it!?”

Jake was so shock when he got the message, he didn’t know on what to do. There’s nothing he can do cause its Xmas break, he’ll just have to wait for two weeks before he can talk to her.

After 2 weeks of waiting, vacation is finally over. Jake was so anxious to see Francine. When Jake went to see Francine, as he was coming closer to her… Francine seems to evade Jake.

Jake: I’m so sorry about what happened 2 weeks ago
Francine: ( in silence)
Jake: Please talk. I won’t you talk?
Francine: could we not talk for a while?
Jake: Why?
Francine: please
Jake: ok, I’ll be leaving you alone for a while.

Jake has no idea why Francine acted strange

Later on that day at recess time… Francine’s closest friend Kate went to see Jake.

Kitty: Try to understand Francine.
Jake: Do you know why she’s been acting strange?
Kitty: yes
Jake: Then what is it about?
Kitty: Remember last Xmas? You text Francine. And her dad was the one who read the message. When they got home, her dad beat her up and mom by slaps and belts.

Jake: What! So that’s why she’s been so evasive, what else did she told you?
Kitty: she also sent me to tell you that you guys have to cool – off for a while.
Jake: (cool – off? I guess she needs it after what happened)
Jake: ok, tell her that I agreed. I’ll be letting her free for a few days

After their little conversation, Jake went back to his class thinking on what he just decided.
At lunch break, instead on going to Francine’s room where he usually eats his lunch together with Francine, he went with his friends to eat lunch in the canteen instead.

As they were eating…

Asisi: it’s very unusual that you hang out with us especially during lunch break. Why?
Roy: Did you another fight with Francine?
Jake: no nothing like that, we just cool – off for a while
Lester: cool – off? But why?
Jake: just
Libog: it’s about her dad again, em I right?
Jake: his connected
Roy: so who decided?
Jake: she
Roy: then you agreed?
Jake: I had too. It’ll just be for a few days
Asisi: let’s eat! Talk later

After eating they all went back going to their department. As Jake was climbing the stairs going to the lobby, he saw Francine Sitting near their classroom, as if she was waiting for Jake to show up. Jake couldn’t help him self but to go near and sit beside Francine.

Jake: How are you?
Francine: I’m feeling well that you’re here now
Jake: I thought you didn’t want to talk to me for a while?
Francine: I just can’t resist not being with you
Jake: is it true? All that Kate told me about you?
Francine: yes (in tears)
Jake: I hope you can forgive me
Francine: let’s just not talk about it anymore
Jake: fine by me

After all the pains that Francine experienced, she still fought for Jake

After a few months of hiding till they were last caught by Francine’s dad, they were always happy and supporting one another in everything. Until one day, after coming home from school… as Francine was deeply sleeping, her dad inspected her things in her bag… when he opened her notebook their he saw the letters that she’s been hiding that came from Jake. He woke up Francine and scolded her. He demanded for her cell phone, and looked for Jake’s no.

Jake has no idea what was going on in Francine’s house, He together with his friends rested for a while in Rae’s house after the basketball practice. As they were having fun playing with the playstation, Jake’s phone RANG, when he check up his phone it was Francine’s phone no. calling

Jake: hey guys, it’s Francine calling
Rae: answer it
Jake: but she is using her landline, she does not call me on her landline cause her parents might know.
Lester: couldn’t it be her dad?
Jake: hope not (answered)
Jake: Hello?
Daddy Roger: This is Francine’s dad, is this Jake?
Jake: yes
Daddy Roger: what part of our conversion didn’t you understand? Haven’t I told you not to bother my daughter again?
Daddy Roger: I want to talk to you tomorrow, but this time with your principal after class.
Jake: yes sir
(Cut off)
Jake: what am I going to do?
Lester: go talk to him, you are the one who said that there is no backing out once you continued your relationship with her.
Roy: we all know that one-day that will happen sooner or later
Asisi: don’t worry Jake’ we got your back
Jake: that’s not I was worried about
Roy: what then?
Jake: we have CAT training tomorrow after class, remember?
Roy: oh right, just tell her dad about tomorrow, and get reschedule the next day.
Jake: I’ll try then

Tomorrow… at school

Jake: what just happened yesterday? Why did your dad call me up suddenly?
Francine: my dad inspected my bag while I was asleep.
Jake: don’t you mind about it, do you know that your dad wants to talk to me in the principal’s office?
Francine: yes I do, I was beside him while he was talking to you. There was nothing more I could do but cry.
Jake: your dad told me that we were to talk to the principal after class, the thing is that I have CAT training after class. Could you ask him to postpone and to reschedule it for tomorrow?
Francine: I’ll try, what will you say when you’re in there?
Jake: I’ll just be my self, and to fight for you
Francine: I’ll fight for you too.

After class, Jake and his friends all run out to the court for the CAT training. As Jake was in line chilling he didn’t notice Francine’s dad pass by going to the principal’s office. After the CAT training Jake was summoned to the principal’s office.
Jake was confused but no worries, the principal and him go way back. The principal has known Jake since his kindergarten.

Jake: (knock – knock) Good afternoon ma’am
Principal Santol: please come in and have a sit Jake
Jake: what is it about that I was called ma’am
Principal Santol: A while ago Mr.Roger came in the office, he said his the father of Francine.
Jake: What? What did you talk about ma’am?
Principal Santol: it’s about and her daughter. He is complaining that you were harassing her daughter and act like a stalker not living her alone.
Is that true Jake?
Jake: you know me ma’am, I could never do such a thing.
Principal Santol: that is why I wanted to confront you about this, because I have known you since kindergarten and I’ve never heard anything bad about till now… I couldn’t say anything bout you to him cause he might think that I’m protecting you.
Jake: Thank you for trusting me ma’am
Principal Santol: what is your relationship with her daughter? Your girlfriend?
Jake: Yes ma’am
Principal Santol: why would your girlfriend say such things about you to her father?
Jake: I’m even more confused ma’am
Principal Santol: are you really sure that her daughter loves you?
Jake: yes ma’am
Principal Santol: ok, just don’t mind everything what I have just said to you, just ask her tomorrow about what we have talked about to clear things up.
Jake: I’ll do ma’am
Principal Santol: ok, you may leave now. Be good now?
Jake: yes ma’am hehehe…
Tomorrow morning Jake went to Francine’s classroom to talk to her about what he talked about with the principal. Francine said that they were all lies that her dad was only making them all out, She could never do that to Jake cause she loves him more than anything. After hearing the side of Francine all the anger that Jake felt worn off. After that experiences their relationship have been stronger than before. And they even reach more than a year of hiding without being known by Francine’s dad.

(Eto n!! d2 nagsimula ang pagmimilagro, sa pagtutung ng 1st year anniversary nla.. sinabihan ni Francine n pumunta ng school c Jake ng maaga pra s kaarawan nila, dahil by 5.30am nasa room na xa at mag.aantay ( 7am kc nagsisidatingan ang mga klasmytz ni Francine) pagdating ni Jake s school, tanging ang sekyo lng ang tao.. hnd ngpahalata c Jake at nakapasok ng hindi nakikita.. pagpasok s classroom ni Francine… BANG!!! Binulaga c Jake ng isang halik s labi!... Agad nyang pina.atras c Francine at sabing “sandali lng ha, may ibibigay lng ako” sabay pakita s teddy bear nyang dala.. tuwang tuwa c Francine at niyakap ng mahigpit c Jake… (nagyayakapan cla s my beam ng classroom.. s may sulok kng san hindi cla naki2ta) sabay bulong s tenga ni Jake “ pwede k bang maging manyak kahit ngayon lng?” nang laki ang mga mata ni Jake pati alaga nya ng laki n rin s nadinig… may pagdadalawang isip c Jake kng ano ang gagawin, dhl hindi sya sanay s mga ganyang bagay.. kng baga virgin p ang mga kamay at utak s pagkalibog..
Naglaplapan n silang dalawa ng dahan dahang ginagala pababa ni Jake ang kanyang mga kamay s may likuran nya habang nanginginig pa… mabilog ang pwetan ni Francine… ang sarap limas-limasin… malaman kasi… s kaligitnaan ng kasiyahan ni Jake, kinuha bigla ni Francine ang kamay ni Jake sabay lagay s leeg nito… dun dahan dahang binababa ni Francine ang mga kamay ni Jake papunta s kanyang dibdib.. nginig n nginig ang mga kamay ni Jake habang pababa…DUN NA! sobrang lambot!!! May pagkamaliit ang kanyang hinaharap… pro, ang ganda ng feeling hehe… dahan dahan tinaas ni Jake ang damit ni Francine… kitang kita nya ang bra na color light blue.. hnd n nya tinagalan pa at binaba ang bra pro hindi tinangal.. SYETT!!!! May pagkabrownish ang kanyang nipples!!! Libog n libog n c Jake at sinupsop ng sinupsop ang ang dibdib ni Francine.!!! Panay “ahhhhh…..ahhhh….ahhhh….cge pa!” hala cge lng ng cge c Jake pagkatapos sabihin ni Francine un… biglang tubo ng pagkahaba-haba nang sungay ni Jake… pinasok nya ang kamay nya s panty habang ang kabilang kamay ay nililimas ang dibdib at nakahalik ang labi s labi ni Francine… Duon nah!!!!.. s pagpasok ng kamay, hinimas himas n nya ang mane ni Francine, prang biglang basa ng hinimas nya… duon! Panay sabi ni Francine ng Ahhhhhhhhh………ahhhhhhhh……Saraaaaaappp….. waaaaggg.. mong tigilan…. Ahhhhh…. Tuloy2x cla s kanilang gnagawa, napatigil lng ng may narinig clang papasok… dali dali tinaas ni Francine ang kanyang bra at sabay silang upo s upoan… klasmyt pla ni Fracine…)

Hindi natapos ang ganun pangyayari… s isang lingo, 4 – 5 sila gumagawa ng krimen s classroom, panay paalam ni Jake s kanyang inay ay mag-aaral sya ng maaga s skul,, c Francine ehh lagi nmn syang hinatid s school ng 5.30am dhl may pasok ang kanyang papa.

They were always happy together, supporting one another and taking care one another. But all of the happiness they shared were all to nothing for Jake, Jake know that Graduation is coming and he is going to be sent to a university very far, Overseas. He knows that he need to let go of Francine sooner or later. It’s very hard for Jake to let go of Francine after all they have happened between them. But for his part, letting go of Francine would be best for Francine’s side. He knew being in a long distance relationship would be a distraction for Francine’s studies.
When the last day of school finally came…

Jake: This is the last day that we’ll be seeing each other.
Francine: don’t say such things, of course we’ll see each other again. Just come back when it’s your sembreak.
Jake: Francine, please listen… I won’t be coming back
Francine: huh? Why?
Jake: I’m going to a place that is very far, I don’t want to hurt you. I don’t want you to know that maybe one-day I’ll find someone else to replace you, I don’t want that to happen. I just want you to be happy and free
Francine: so that is why you’re dumping me?! (In anger)
Jake: forgive me.
Francine: I hate you! You’re an ass! Sissy!
Jake: (hope you’ll forgive me, I just don’t want to hurt you)

That was the last time that Jake and Francine ever saw each other and talk. After Graduating in high school, went to college and took up Aeronautical Technology, last news that Jake heard about Francine is that she has already moved on and happy with her new boyfriend, same goes with Jake, having a relationship with a tourism student. But one thing they knew, Jake and Francine would never forget what they have went through.

“ No one but God knows who are meant to be”


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